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Title: The Giant Tomato
Post by: Bob Pickle on September 03, 2012, 08:00:13 AM
This year our sons built a high tunnel (unheated greenhouse), which they are using along with some ground outside the high tunnel, to produce vegetables for three area farmers' markets. 2 1/2 weeks ago they brought in the following tomato into the house:



When I saw that thing, which first weighed in at 46.6 oz., I said, "The newspapers are going to want to see that thing." Our sons were getting ready for a market and didn't think they had time to worry about that, but I said it needed to be dealt with right away. So I called three papers, and all were interested. I think one of our daughters took the pictures. It was on the front page of at least two newspapers, and provided some free advertizing for at least one of the farmers' markets.

The tomato variety is Persimmon. This one wasn't nicely shaped, but we got quite a few nicer uniformly round ones that were around 2 pounds, such as 30 oz., 34 oz., etc.

This is one of 17 varieties that they are growing, and seems to be the largest.