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Title: Latest Post fom Linda Shelton
Post by: childoftheking on July 25, 2017, 05:29:35 AM
Hi Facebook Friends & Family, I am actually writing this from Southern Illinois. For those of you who have read my autobiography, you understand the stalking, harassment and thugging I have experienced for many years now. And these things have not only sporatically followed me across the United States, but also internationally as well. Why? Only God knows every aspect of the reasoning behind these barbarious actions. But in this world, the culprits to behavior like this can typically be traced back to money, power, fame and control. Following my first night in Illinois, I was saddened to see that my rental car front fender appeared to have suffered some intentional damage. There was also suggestive writing on the driver's side window of the car. Today, Monday, was my court date. Many courthouses, including the one I visited today, do not allow women to bring their purses into the building. So I left mine locked in the trunk of the rental car. I was shocked and saddened to discover my purse was robbed while I was in the courthouse...mainly some personal financial correspondence from my bank. Just as a sideline, I have not spoken to my ex in many years. But there was an appropriate time to privately ask him an honest question. This question was met with alot of accusations and a mean spirit. Hmm. Indigestion?
I have to take a moment to thank God for my very balanced, intelligent, hard-working, dedicated and Christian attorney. He very much understands that we serve a God who LOVES Justice. When Kurt sees someone who has been taken advantage of or wounded by others, he literally burns the midnight oil to prepare the necessary arguments and paperwork to 'set the captives free.' I am very BLESSED to have such amazing representation. Today his delivery and message was balanced, concise and I am sure was heart-warming even to the angels who were there taking in every word. Although as Christians we prefer a peacable way of handling problems, there is a time and place where we need to take a stand for what is right...and these actions pave the way for the human rights of others to be respected and honored. Sure, I will be thrilled when it is all finished...and I will be satisfied no matter what the outcome will be. Although Justice is a very wonderful thing, sometimes we have to be satisfied with just making our voice heard. With this being said, I still look for a positive outcome.
But as always, I VERY DEEPLY appreciate your prayers, concern and heart-touching messages. GOD BLESS YOU...each and every one!! Sending Blessings, Hugs & Prayers your way, Linda Shelton
Title: Re: Latest Post fom Linda Shelton
Post by: childoftheking on July 25, 2017, 05:32:45 AM
This of course is Linda's opinion and her own point of view but since some of you are now on facebook, I am posting it here as this is of interest to many..
Title: Re: Latest Post fom Linda Shelton
Post by: childoftheking on July 25, 2017, 04:28:51 PM
Meant to say NOT on facebook.