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Author Topic: Easy Holiday Candles  (Read 4190 times)

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Easy Holiday Candles
« on: September 13, 2008, 05:58:45 PM »

These are super simple and make great holiday candles in the various colors. If you don't have the dye chips steal some crayons from your child or grandchild.

You’ll Need:
Dye Chips
Candle Wax With Low Melting Point 9I (have used any type wax I have had on hand and it worked fine)
Tapered Candles
Coffee Cans
Ice Cubes
Wax-covered Milk Cartons
White Paper

Step1 Wash and dry the inside of a wax-covered paper milk carton. This will be your mold.

Step2 Use or make a taper candle for the center to avoid having holes around the wick.

Step3 Break wax into chunks and estimate how much you'll need to fill half of the carton. Too much is always better than not enough.

Step4 Make a double boiler by putting about an inch of water in a saucepan. Set a clean coffee can upright in the water.

Step5 Set the heat to low and melt the wax in the coffee can.

Step6 Add dye chips if you want colors.

Step7 Fill the carton with ice cubes.

Step8 Pour the melted wax on top of the ice.

Step9 Let it cool.

Step10 Pour out the water.

Step11 Tear away the carton.

Step12 Wait a few days before burning the candle - it needs time to dry.
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