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Author Topic: !!!Prayer for Cancer Patient!!!  (Read 3694 times)

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!!!Prayer for Cancer Patient!!!
« on: April 16, 2009, 04:33:43 AM »

Please pray for Jessica a Seventh-Day Adventist from Frankfurt studying Medicine in Czech Republic.
She was diagnosed with Cancer and given a month to live. The SDA Church in Czech Republic will fast for her on Monday, 20th April 2009. :praying: :praying: :praying:


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Re: !!!Prayer for Cancer Patient!!!
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2009, 09:04:42 AM »

 :praying: for time and Jessica, go immediately to Search on Internet for Essaic It is about a formula since 1992 and Nurse Ciasse and the healing of cancer. Her story the same. Please all read if interested. I think it will be under the first link.


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Re: !!!Prayer for Cancer Patient!!!
« Reply #2 on: April 16, 2009, 08:29:41 PM »

Try it ASAP!

Use the largest dose.  You can read on the site all the good things this product does.  It is especially good for clearing cancer.

Also go to

They have a product called Ambrotose Advanced. It comes in a powder and capsule.  Be sure to get the powder.  It has stopped cancer and some have been healed, but not 100% for others.  They should be able to give you contacts information with cancer patients. 

Read both to make sure it is for you.

I believe in both nutrients.  I have taken both and have been helped by both.  I do not have cancer, but I have spoken to many that have had cancer and had been healed with Ambrotose; I have spoken to some who were not healed, but their life was extended in quality and time.other that were not.  All found the quality of life to improve exponentially.

She may need help financially to afford to get these items.

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