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Doug Bachelor Preaches Against Women Pastors & Elders

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This morning I heard that the Roman Catholic Church has now decided that pastors in the Anglican Church are fully accepted as Fathers in the Roman Catholic Church if they fulfill but one requirement: They have to object to women pastors.

Even married Anglican pastors can become Roman Catholic priests and remain married, but if they are single they are not allowed to marry after they have become Roman Catholics. It appears like the local Anglican Church will also be accepted as a Roman Catholic church if their pastor objects to female parsons.

Wonder how many other denominations will be accepted on the same premises?

The Roman Catholic prohibition against married priests is considered to be a church doctrine which the Pope can change at any time.  The truth of the matter is that there is a history of Rome occasionally allowing married priests. 

1) When I was on the teaching faculty of the U.S. Army Chaplain School, we had a married Roman Catholic priest (formally an Episcapalian) as a student.
2) There is a very small order of Roman Catholic priests in Europe that has been allowed to marry.  But, few know about them.
3) In the beginning stages of the development of the  Roman Catholic Church its priests were often married.  Celebacy came at a later stage.

The following is quite informational:

Actually I learned something from the above website.  According to it, married Roman Catholic clergy has been allwoed more than I realized.

The issue as of January 1, 2012 seems to be that the Roman Catholic Church will not permit female pastors.

Are some other denominations attempting to meet those requirements?

Female pastors:  That is clear.  The Roman Catholic Chruch, as constituted today will not allow female clergy.  However, it must be recognized that today it will allow females to distribute consecrated hosts and it has many females doing such.

Point of history:  I believe that if you check your history you will find a female who it is claimed to have been the Pope.  That goes back to the well-known historical time when there was more than one person who claimed to be the rightful Pope.

It msut be noted that the modern Roman Catholic Chruch and many scholars deny that there ever was a Pope Joan.  But, a minority believe that there may have been a Pope Joan who lived as a male and was only discovered to be a female when she gave birth.  For more on this, see the following URL:


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