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Author Topic: Any resources?  (Read 1937 times)

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Any resources?
« on: March 13, 2008, 08:37:21 PM »

I have a son that has recently become a single father of a 5 month old baby. The mother decided 4 days ago to run off and not let him know where she was or what she was doing or even when she was coming back for them. She left the baby behind and did not even call to check up on at least the baby. She ran off after my son got into a fight with this guy because he was hitting on my sons girlfriend, the mother of his child. Then my son went to sleep. That night she stole money out of my sons wallet and took off with the guy he got into a fight with. No word from her until yesterday when she said she was coming over to get her clothes and 'oh, by the way, I'm taking the baby with me. I have taken him down to the courthouse to get papers filed immediately for sole custody of this baby. We go back tomorrow.      :praying:  Please pray that he gets the custody. It shouldn't be hard considering that she has broken wooden chairs over my sons head (which I did not know until last night) and broke bottles over his head as well. She has several MIP's to contend with as well.  He does not want to put the baby up for adoption and good for him or I'd have to take the baby and I can not afford him and nor do I have the space for all of us. Barely have the space for the people we do have here.  Anyways, I am hoping that someone might live in the Northwestern part of Oregon that might know of some resources that could help him out. He knows nothing about raising a child on his own. He has been depressed enough to not eat no matter how much I tell him he needs to eat, if for no other reason but for the baby. The girls mother is kicking him and the baby out of the house because he lost his job since he can't go to work. He has no babysitter and didn't know when his 'girlfriend' was coming back. Now he knows she isn't.  Please, anyone with any answers or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  I do not know. I know of some because of past experience with the court system, things have changed and I do not know as much as what he may need.
Thank you in advance everyone for your help.



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Re: Any resources?
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2008, 02:35:13 AM »

I do not know the 'law' in your country, so cannot give you any useful advice about that.

However, I have been in very similar situations, and still never know when it's all going to 'blow up' again. As one gets older, it's more difficult to deal with these family situations. We want what's best for our families. We stand by and see them make mistakes over and over again, but we still love them.

And... we still want what is best for their children; our grand children. We hate to see them hurting and we hate to see the injustices and wrongs caused by other parties.

I just long for the day when Jesus comes and we won't have any more of this turmoil in our lives. I can do nothing else to help Patsi, but you surely have my prayers for you and your family.  :praying:

Please let us know how your son gets on.

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