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Author Topic: Tinka's Vegitarian Hamburger tricks for preparation  (Read 2690 times)

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Tinka's Vegitarian Hamburger tricks for preparation
« on: July 30, 2010, 05:14:52 AM »

Vegitarian Hamburger tricks for preparation.

It will take some articles to prepare.
1. Hamburger pattie papers already cut and waxed surface.
2. Hamburger pattie metal maker that has lid that is attached on one side and comes down over pattie to form it.
3. Make sure you have huge commercial trays I have 4.
4. A commercial Ice Cream Scoop that is in 3 1/4 oz that fits the Hamburger maker
5. Now place the waxed side up on bottom of hamburger maker.
6. Place leveled off scoop of your recipe in middle of hamburger maker and eject it on
7. Now place waxed side down on top of raw ingredients and bring top down to form. Both sides now have waxed paper covering the whole hamburger.

8. Immediately place on tray and do until tray is full and then fast freeze for about an hour or so or until solid. Do not take papers off but freeze in large gal zip locks with papers still on.
9. The trick to frying. Never thaw at anytime. leave papers on until you set then in low or med fry pan and then remove papers just before and fry till browned turning once or twice . They fry pretty fast and never lose form and solid as a hamburger, the color, testure and taste. It never shrinks and that is what counts and that is what works. If you leave them in the freezer for a year they always stay the same. I have them on hand for any company or emergency.  If you decide to not use as hamburger you can make onion gravy and then fried patties are put into casserole and gravy over top and the baked for just few minutes and steak and gravy...... I make a hundred at a time and they take a very big bun and then your imagination takes over to anyway you like and favorite way of eating hamburger.  Got to run right now and show daughter-in-law how to can peaches. Then will give sausage recipe when I get back.
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