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Author Topic: Wedding Bells In the Air  (Read 32506 times)

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Re: Wedding Bells In the Air
« Reply #90 on: October 02, 2011, 09:26:04 AM »

This has been waiting for quite a while.

Johann, you quoted from Wikipedia about some acupuncturists applying electricity to their needles in acupuncture and then said that this shows that some apply the electric current without the use of needles, which is not what the article said. 
I see that our communication is going in differrent directions. The quote from Wikipedia does not state that some apply the electric current without the use of needles. This was a statement I added because I know of people who are not using acupuncture as such, but are using the same channels to measure the currents in the body and then using modern electronic equipment to discover the faults - or sickness - that is in the body. The first person I met who did this was not a physician but an engineer with the Army Corps of Engineers who used this method to discover a large cancerous cyst in her own body. This was later removed.

Then you said my statement about acupuncture having nothing to do with the electric current is not true.  I said that acupuncture has nothing to do with the electric currents in the nervous system of the body, not about acupuncturists using electricity in some of their needles.  What I said was true.
I am not an expert but what I said is based on what experts who are handling this with modern electronic equipment are telling me. So we have information based on different sources.

The only possible relationship with acupuncture and the true nervous system of the body is that the insertion of needles would irritate nerve endings, but this would have nothing to do with the cure of disease.
You are right, and I do not know of any people using these "currents" to cure diseases, but merely to diagnose the malady and thereafter cure it with other acceptable methods.

If anything, acupuncture would involve "Satan's electric currents" (Evangelism, p. 609), not the true electric currents of the nervous system. 

Acupuncture might well be used as a tool in the hands of Satan, but that does not prevent the (evil?) needles of the acupuncturist from touching the true electric currents which God has placed in our system. 
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