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Terror in Norway

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Here in Norway we are watching the news of a day of terror in two places, OSLO and TYRIFJORD. A large bomb exploded this afternoon in a government building in Oslo, killing 7 and several wounded.

Then at Tyrifjord, not far from our Seventh-day Adventist boarding school, a man dressed like a policeman, started shooting at a political camp where 500 - 700 young members of the governmet politial party were gathered for courses in politics. At least 10 were killed. The murderer has now been arrested and is being questioned.

It seems obvious that the two incidents were coordinated.

It was touching hearing the Foreign minister of Sweden stating that today we are all Norwegians!

The attack in Oslo has been on the news in the US soon after it happened but this is the first I had heard about the other attack. I hope there isn't any more bad news. Glad you are safe, Johann but so sad for the Norwegian people.

I saw both attacks reported on a news item this morning--a terrible thing.

Now we are told that at least 87 people have been killed - all by a 32 year old Norwegian anti-Muslim! And why should he kill his own people? Police are questioning him right now.

A young girl fled into the woods when others near by were shot. Then the "killer" called them out, and they thought he was protecting them because he was wearing a police uniform. More shooting, so back to the woods and then dropping herself into the lake trying to swim away from the island where 600+ young people were gathered in a camp. When she had swam for a while she was picked up by two men in a speed boat who had picked up another girl. As they tried to get closer to the island to pick up more youngster they got shot at, so they sailed to the harbor where another policeman in a uniform received them. At first she was scared, thinking he might be another "false" policemen, but this one was real. Volunteers gave her warmer clothes and she was taken to a near by private home from where she could call her parents.

Here is also a picture 32 year old Anders Behring Breivik has posted of himself on his FaceBook page. In one of his blogs he calls for actions against Muslims and Social Democrats through Conservative Church organizations.


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