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Author Topic: North Pacific Union Supporting Pastors Respond to Exec Committee Defiance  (Read 2853 times)

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Gailon Arthur Joy

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NPUC Supporting Pastors Respond to Feb 20, 2013 NPUC Ex Com Action
Posted on February 24, 2013 by admin    | Leave a reply



NPUC Supporting Pastors
PO Box 19424
Spokane, WA 99219

North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC), North American Division, February 24, 2013: The NPUC Executive Committee (Ex Com) on February 20 reconsidered their previous decision to call a special constituency session to address Women’s Ordination. A majority of the Executive Committee chose not to rescind their November 14, 2013 decision but voted to confirm their previous decision. The Ex Com vote completely disregarded the concerns expressed by the NPUC Supporting Pastors in their January 30, 2013 letter to the presidents.

Ex Com actually plans to hold a special constituency session of the NPUC between November 2014 and February 2015, a full four months before the July 2015 General Conference session. This, in a Union in which no consensus exists within the constituency in favor of Women’s Ordination.

The published report of the latest Ex Com action in the February 21, 2013 Gleaner article, “NPUC Updates its Ordination Plan,” predicts action beyond even that taken by the Columbia and Pacific Unions. It indicates that if the GC does not recommend and vote the ordination of women at the GC World Quinquennial Session of July, 2015, “the NPUC has resolved to then move ahead on its own.” The NPUC—months before the GC session—may unilaterally dismiss July 2015 Quinquennial Session action by the world church. Such action could place at risk the existence of the North Pacific Union as a unit of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The General Conference is engaged in a substantial study process through the Theology of Ordination Study Committee. But NPUC Ex Com has reactivated its Ad Hoc Committee on Women in Leadership to prepare additional “educative” materials and to develop a timeline for action. What “action”? The Gleaner describes an intentionality to plan for Women’s Ordination independently of the world church.

The Union paper continues to operate with a clear bias favoring the ordination of women to headship positions.

The NPUC Supporting Pastors stated that they shall continue to offer their views in contrast. is an alternative source for information regarding views on Women’s Ordination not published in NAD union papers. The Supporting Pastors reissued their call for that manifestation of the type of Biblical unity illustrated, taught and practiced by the Seventh-day Adventist Church from its beginning until now according to the Scriptural model of Acts 15:1-24. This unity could be expressed by rescinding the February 20, 2013 action to hold a special constituency meeting before the 2015 General Conference session.

The Supporting Pastors recognize the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and its voted directives at duly called General Conference sessions as the ultimate human expression of ecclesiastical authority in Seventh-day Adventist Church polity. Unilateral actions by unions, including North Pacific Union, are invalid. The Supporting Pastors stated that they are continuing to pray for divine guidance for Union Leadership concerning this issue.

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Gailon Arthur Joy

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Re: North Pacific Union Supporting Pastors Respond to Exec Committee Defiance
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2013, 08:01:36 AM »

The NPUC Executive Committee finds itself in DEFIANCE of General Conference In Session decisions as well as the compromise in principal established in the Fall Counsel. It is an informal Declaration of War and is a Day in Infamy!!!!

If this were Ron Spear (Our Firm Foundation), Colin Standish (Hartland Institute) or others, they would create an ad hoc academic committee to write a treatise on "Issues...and Certain INDEPENDENT MINISTRIES"!!!

We now have three, possibly five, NEW Independent Ministries in the form of the Columbia Union Conference, Pacific Union Conference and now North Pacific Union Conference in absolute DEFIANCE or policy established by the General Conference in Session and the World Fall Counsel,

The Great  "FALL COUNSEL COMPROMISE" engineered by Pastor Mark Finley of October 2012 has also been IGNORED as these Independent Ministries move forward with their OWN PURPOSES!!!

This is outright DEFIANCE of properly constituted Church Authority and does not deny the immutable "right of conscience" but is simply OPEN REBELLION!!!

It is long past time for disciplinary action and time to clarify just what these new Independent Ministries really are and it is time to
for constituents to consider where the tithe should be directed.
Keep in mind, if they are "Supporting Ministries" of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, they must move gifts in the form of the tithes to the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists as it is also another violation of working policy for Unions in Rebellion to accept tithes!!!

It is time to put on the WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD and meet this challenge to properly constituted Church Authority head on!!!

Gailon Arthur Joy
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