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wine as in grape juice and or fermented wine?

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I have been told by an x adventist that the Hebrews and Jews drank and used fermented wine in Old Testmnt and New testement times and Jews have been using fermented wine because that was what God told them to use for their ceremonies.

I can't believe God gave us instructions to drink fermented wine. Is the word wine used for both fermented wine and grape juice? And where is is found? I was told by my x adventist friend that is it an ADVENTIST thing and not true. He claimed to have checked in Hebrew and Greek translations and there is no difference in wording.

I had read somewhere there was a difference. I just don't know where or how to find it.

Can anyone help me, please.

Thank you.

For an in depth study I would recommend Wine In the Bible by Samuel Bacchiocchi.  Here is one website where the book is available:  In brief; the word yayin (Hebrew), oinos (Greek), vino (Latin), and wine (English, especially King James English) all refer to the juice of the grape, either fermented or unfermented.  Only by the context could one infer which was meant.  (Please pardon any mispelling of the words.)  I have heard several pastors, including some non-SDA, say that the Hebrew that was translated "unleavened" as in unleavened bread used for the Passover refers to "anything that causes fermentation" i.e. yeast.  Since nothing that was fermented was allowed then the wine must have been unfermented.  Most Jewish sects that I have looked at still do not use fermented wine for Passover.  Some do not allow the use of fermented wine for anything.

Bob Pickle:
I recently discovered that Rome requires alcohol to be present in the wine used in the idolatrous sacrifice of the mass. In discussing alcohol with a Catholic missionary, he asserted that Jews had to drink fermented wine for Passover. I countered by saying that when a Church of God (Anderson) preacher told a cop in the Wal-Mart parking lot in Dillworth, MN, that the Jews were forbidden to drink wine, the cop responded that he knew that already because he was Jewish. The Catholic missionary later told me that he had checked into that and had discovered that there are certain Jewish groups that don't drink fermented wine.

Daryl Fawcett:
Does that also mean that there are also certain Jewish groups that drink fermented wine?

Bob Pickle:
Apparently, but I'm not up on that.


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