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Author Topic: Was Donald Trumps election over Hillary Clinton divine intervention?  (Read 2309 times)

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Hillary was all but set to be elected as President according to the pollsters, the pundits, the newscasts and other news sources, and yet something happened to turn aside what appeared to a unstoppable assured victory. How could it have happened, and why, well lets take a look to see.

"Mrs. Clinton appears to have converted the office of secretary of state into a racketeering enterprise...Hillary and her husband, former president Bill Clinton, operated the Clinton Foundation. Ostensibly a charity, the foundation was a de facto fraud scheme to monetize Hillary’s power as secretary of state (among other aspects of the Clintons’ political influence). The scheme involved (a) the exchange of political favors, access, and influence for millions of dollars in donations; (b) the circumvention of campaign-finance laws that prohibit political donations by foreign sources; (c) a vehicle for Mrs. Clinton to shield her State Department e-mail communications from public and congressional scrutiny while she and her husband exploited the fundraising potential of her position; and (d) a means for Clinton insiders to receive private-sector compensation and explore lucrative employment opportunities while drawing taxpayer-funded government salaries."..

Bill and Hillary's corruption was not the only issue, read below:
•Bill Clinton, 33rd Degree Freemason, President of the United States Of America.

and more...

•Bill and Hillary Clinton's Criminal Background.
•The Clinton Foundation
•From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Clinton-Scandal Primer


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Re: Was Donald Trumps election over Hillary Clinton divine intervention?
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2017, 05:13:22 AM »

The biggest picture of all was the amazing "movement" to show the American people and the world outside "the state of corruption" they are in. Eyes were opened and the people "spoke".  During this until the last hour I wondered if the majority of American people would answer to vote for the corruption that was shown not by corrupted media but by fact. Now, this change and intervention seemed to show "Gods hand in all things" and a view just how the bigger "movement" will happen that will come when we all vote for the "KIng Of KIngs.  We have been told and now shown how these "movements" can and will happen.   In Trumps immediate family there is Sabbath Keepers.  Is it possible for a New Age Niniva?? I wished and pray for this Nation but - just a funny and notable thought and my own opinion to wonder " the leaks and emails" lol work of messengers ???  :dunno: Who are the "messengers" Only God Knows and His mysterious work :usa:
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