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Any Possibility of Pet Forum


Many pet lovers here? We have one that began life as a dog and is now human or so she thinks.
www.preciouspupsboutique.com. Not advertising a website so hope it is alright to place this here
I operate a website for two friends that have a small professional kennel. They sell only locally.
Click on the Miss Foxy lady on the left hand menu .
This is my husband's 70 lb lapdog

Daryl Fawcett:
We have a pet lovers forum over at Maritime, however, we could also have one here.

Yes! I would vote for a Pet Forum thread. Sounds good.

Daryl Fawcett:
I forgot about this suggestion until coming across it again in the General Discussion forum, which is why I moved it here.

I shall get back to you on this.

Daryl Fawcett:
As a result of this suggestion, the Pet Lovers forum has just been created.


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