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Author Topic: Gailon Arthur Joy Responds to Hal Mayer  (Read 11039 times)

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Gailon Arthur Joy

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Gailon Arthur Joy Responds to Hal Mayer
« on: August 04, 2008, 08:36:19 PM »

 Re: Do these tactics sound familiar? (In fact they do - some of the same issues, different institute - GAJ)
Quote from: Sam on Yesterday at 05:06:39 PM
I was sent this email by someone who had direct contact with Hartland.  Feels like Dejuvu to me.

I received this from Hartland on 5/28/2007.


Yes, Gailon Joy was indirectly involved (or at least he tried to get himself involved). He was never a member of the staff, nor was he a member of any of its organizational bodies, so he only wrote what he heard by word of mouth. Most of what he wrote at that time was sheer misrepresentations of fact. In my opinion, he tried to spin anything and everything he heard in its worst possible construction. He has no compunction about bearing false witness.  He totally discredited himself to the vast majority of the staff at Hartland. His spin was so outlandish that it wasn’t credible to anyone that knew the truth. He was apparently being fed information though, from at least one disgruntled insider at Hartland, but never once did he bother to check with both sides on any story. He only consulted (obviously) with the one that he chose to represent (or rather with the one he used to make his misrepresentations). Most of our staff at the time got the very clear impression that he was not trying to be fair in his assessment, but rather biased – and in the extreme. So when we began reading what he wrote about 3ABN, we simply sent the emails to the dustbin. There may be elements of truth in what he has written about 3ABN (large or small), but I don’t recommend that you trust his spin. Be sure you can verify what he says from other sources.

We had the feeling that he enjoyed the work of trying to cut down institutions attempting to do God’s work and attempting to discredit their leaders. He seems to have a lot of time to waste on this self-appointed work. He also apparently claims that he was responsible for the dismissal of one of the presidents of AUC (which may have been needed), but I doubt that he was the one who accomplished it or that bears the responsibility for it.

Anyway, for what it is worth, that is my take on the situation.

God bless and keep you,


(Pastor) Hal Mayer

Thank-you, SAM, for the reminder of my firm stand against Hal Mayer's leadership role at Hartland, WHICH STILL STANDS, and is supported by many Directors, Officers, AD COM members and staffers over the years. I will repeat the history for you and STILL STAND FIRMLY OPPOSED TO HAL MAYER"S  FAILED LEADERSHIP!!!

Let us start the response with my basis for injecting myself into the Hartland mess:

1) I had been a long term Hartland Supporter and contributed frequently to Hartland until Hal's second coup;

2) As a Director of New England Minisitries, we had encouraged the support of Hartland Institute and had raised large sums from New Englanders over more than a decade and Hal was a recipient on several occasions, Ron Goss and Dr Colin Standish on others;

3) New England Ministries, a conservative forum, had co-sponsored the 150th anniversary of the Great Disappointment in October, 2004 with Hartland Institute and Hope International (Hal Mayer was NOT an invited speaker for a number of reasons) a program that ran for nearly three months on the local Cable System;

4) Hal Mayer, as have so many other dissidents, has been a visitor to my home and has sought New England Ministries help with several projects over the years;

5) Many of our youth in New England were encouraged to attend Hartland Institute and in fact many New Englanders have graduated from there;

6) Many of the New England Ministry supporters over the years have taken the mission call to Hartland and served in many capacitites, including Hartland Directors, members of AD Com and other staff positions.

7) To a large degree, the failure of the Officers and staff at Hartland to work with the church and to follow Spirit of Prophecy educational standards was the reason for the founding of Outchetah Hills (Clark had been the Chairman at Hartland Institute before developing plans for an alternative at OH);

Hartland has suffered greatly as a result of Hal's first coup and Hal's second coup d'etat and if he had absolute control of Hartland Institute, we would logically have just another cult.

Much to the chagrin of Hal Mayer, I had many sources for the Hartland Stories, including directors, officers, staff and constituents. One major source regarding Hal Mayer's personal behavious was his own secretary who resigned and left Hartland Institute in protest to what she observed and heard.

My initial letter resulted from what I viewed as a serious conflict of interest where the Stewardship Director, Hal Mayer, of Hartland Instutute was under discipline and faced a pending disciplinary action beforoe the Board of Directors for waht some viewed as insubordination. While this conflict raged, Hal Mayer was defiant and found ways around the restrictions placed upon him by the AD COM.

In what was a clear self preservation move because he was not sure how the votes would line up in a pending Board of Directors meeting, Hal Mayer moved to take over the tape ministry of a venerable old warhorse and standard bearer, Elder Lawrence Nelson, Speaker and Director of Keep the Faith tape ministries. I broke the story (I believe thats called reporting) and protested Hal Mayer's conflict of interest of utilizing his Stewardship Director's position to grab what should have been been a terrific addition to the Hartland Media Center.

Hal Mayer's actions and accountability was so out of control, The Media Center director and another key player both resigned in protest and one is retired while the other works for Amazing Facts (she and her husband were voted out of the constituency by a cabal of Meyer supporters).

Instead of serving Hartland Institutes purposes as Stewardship Secretary, adding much needed revenues to the Hartland balance sheet, Hal Mayer took over the Keep The Faith Tape ministry based on the West Coast, retained his STEWARDSHIP DIRECTOR'S position at Hartland  and transferred the ministry  to Virginia to his own benefit.

Once again, those IRS 990's tell the story and demonstrate a man collecting for services at Hartland while running a seperate 501(c) 3 ministry for his own benefit. Obviously, the 990's are readily available to those who wish to see the revenue stream and the rather hefty balance sheet the Stewardship Director inherited from Elder Lawrence Nelson. A sum that I feel should have been recovered to the benefit of Hartland Institute, not Hal Mayer, the STEWARDSHIP DIRECTOR.

My position was not a conflict of one (Gailon Arthur Joy) versus Hal Mayer or even Hartland Institute, but rather a position I shared with many others on Hartlands Board of Directors, it's AD COM, some officers and many staffers. In fact, it was the seive of Hartland that provided all the sources for the various stories.

The battle to restore Hal Mayer by Hal Mayer supporters had many of the characteristics we have observed at many other independent ministries, including 3ABN. The difference is that the directors were narrowly split and a single vote restored Hal Mayer and moved him on his way to virtual control, including the purging of even the Hartland constituency in unprecedented challenges to opponents.

The Chairman of the Board resigned in protest. Others followed suit. Elder Ron Spear even called for reformation but the pleas fell on deaf ears.

Since this conflict, Hartland has seen the lifting of the Blessing of the Lord. Some examples include but are not limited to, and a key staffers' son was killed when he fell from a moving motor vehicle while traversing the campus. The staffer (a controller) resigned and his wife filed suit against Hartland and settled for an undisclosed sum a little more than a year ago; The sanitarium facility contributed largely by the McKee Family had to be condemned and shut down. Osha and state officials have born down heavily on Hartland shutting down Dorm Facilities and imposing various other fire and safety standards upon Hartland Institute; the new auditorium has restricted usage that requires stand-by fire crews paid by Hartland during camp meetings and other events until Hartland installs a very expensive sprinkler system; Hartland's student body has shrunk to less than fifty based upon reports (those "unreliable" sources) and they obviously have almost no real media ministry, let a lone the failed health program.

If someone would like to open a Hartland Thread, I shall be happy share the many writings, including the exhortations of H. Bear, a mystery writer to this day. I also have such jewels as the Chairman's exit letter, Ron Spears' letter, and exhortations from other directors, including the purged directors.

So, SAM, thank you for the opportunity to rehash an old series of reports. I suppose that is proof that we have been ecclesiatical reporters long before
3ABN (oh, well, there goes another 3ABN allegation in the lawsuit). In fact, this was the first story we did outside the Atlantic Union, thus the title Atlantic Union Reporter for many years.

And yes, it is true that we wrote many a story and warned many an administrator of the issues at Atlantic Union College during the late 90's; and yes, we even were given top secret documents and published them to warn of imminent loss of Accreditation; and yes, you are correct, Most Directors, some Officers, and some staffers largely dismissed our warnings and calls for change while those with talent and wide open eyes exited;AUC pooh, poohed us even when we published the warning letter from NEASC; The president once stood in a general assembly of staff and students and told them we were the enemy!!! Union Officers and Directors heard us loud and clear but stood helplessly by, that is until AUC ACTUALLY LOST IT'S ACCREDITATION AND IT'S FEDERAL GRANTS AND LOANS. Only the quick firing of the president and his CRONIES and the hiring of an imminently qualified president (retired from Southern) was able to partially turn it around. However, the damages to the institution were so deep and cost so much that the institution still teeters on the verge of closure five years later. 

We do not enjoy "cutting down institutions" but will accept any challenge when that leadership is clearly abusing their position and utilizing an institution dedicated to the Lord's work for their own gain. That will continue to be my avocation and Lord knows there is plenty of fodder for the presses, even at Hartland Institute.  And we will continue to be a voice for the abused and disappointed underpaid missionaries that quietly go about their work despite the clear abuses of miscreant "leadership".

By the way, Hal Mayer has claimed that I only spoke to Hartland Dissidents. It is true that Hal Mayer did not return my calls. But, I did speak to many of the Officers and Directors, including Dr. Colin Standish. And again, many of my sources were from the Hartland Board of directors. Therefore, Hal Mayer, I CHALLENGE YOU TO IDENTIFY WHERE I BORE FALSE WITNESS!!! Or did you lose my phone number again???

And thank-you, Hal Mayer, for the opportunity to yet again re-open the discussion of these critical issues found so often in cultic ministries. Since you have played the Pied Piper roll at Hartland for it's entire history, it is appropriate, with Colin Standish so close to retirement or other demise, to consider what would be best for Hartland Institute's future, and No, you are clearly not it!!!

Gailon Arthur Joy
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Gailon Arthur Joy

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Re: Gailon Arthur Joy Responds to Hal Mayer
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2008, 09:44:19 PM »

This is a draft of the Exit Letter of the Chairman of the Board in 2004 and is an excellent summary of the issues and the egocentric role that Hal Mayer played as PIED PIPER:


As a minister of the gospel, I have always had a burden for souls
recognizing that a lot of soul winning needs to be done within the church.
It is with the motive that a few souls might be plucked out of the fire
that I write this letter. I am aware that some people may try to twist
these words or misuse parts out of context. But I am willing to risk it for
the sake of a soul in the Kingdom of God. My prime motive is love and
redemption for everyone involved.

        When preparations were being made for Hartland to celebrate its
twentieth anniversary, Dr. Colin Standish told us that he was concerned
that institutions usually apostatize after twenty years. How prophetic that
was! The sequence of events after the Twentieth Anniversary has proved the
validity of his words. The following is a brief description of the downward

1.      The week prior to the October 2003 Board Meeting, I was asked by
Dr. Colin Standish to join a group of four board members to investigate the
affairs of Hal Mayer. Only two of us were able to come early before the
board meeting. I was asked to chair the meeting. Norm Peek was the other
member. We met with Barry Champion who was asked to travel to Hartland to
tell us what he knew. But when he met with us, for some reason he decided
not to talk. Over the next two days we received testimony from several
current and former staff either in person or by mail. We summarized the
complaints into a list of about forty issues in nine areas of concern which
involved power and control, human relations, ethics, use of tithe,
financial dealings, travel expenses, example to others, accountability, and
impact on Hartland. We met with Standish and Hal Mayer, ADCOM members,
Champion and Mayer, Standish and Mayer. Each time we negotiated a reduction of the list with Hal Mayer being as generous as possible until a final
draft of minimal concerns was presented to the board.

2.      Even with the minimal list of concerns the board met two days of
very long hours and finally placed Hal Mayer on probation for one year with
a review at the April 2004 Board Meeting planned. Dr. Colin Standish gave a
very solemn speech to Hal Mayer in which he said that there "would be no
wriggle room" and "I do not what you to ever put us through this again." At
the end of the meeting I was asked to chair the board for the coming year.
Little did I know but that I would feel like Abraham Lincoln who when
elected in 1860 would experience fierce division of his country. During the
following year hardly a day would pass without numerous phone calls,
e-mails or letters on a crisis created by one man's hubris and hundreds of
hours of spent on top of my already rigorous church administrative duties
consuming day and night. It is little wonder why my family does not like to
hear about Hartland anymore.

3.      During November all was quiet until Dr. Standish went to Australia
for his annual camp meeting trip there. The Administrative Committee voted
unanimously to recommend to the board the dismissal of Hal Mayer based on a
Hawaiian incident which appeared to be a violation of his probation. The
President placed the leadership under a "gag order." About that time Hal
Mayer had phoned me and requested a special board meeting in January to
review the October decision. I was flooded with e-mails, letters and phone
calls asking questions. Why was the one who claimed to be one of the
founders breaking his own standards which he enforced on staff and
students, including probations and even dismissals? Was he above his own
standards? Did he travel on his own or tithe money? I told all parties that
with the holidays it was better to wait until January and when the
President would return.

4.      In January I requested that any decision to call a special board
meeting to consider a dismissal recommendation be held until as Chairman of
the Board, I could make a pastoral visit with Hal Mayer. The leadership,
officially called ADCOM, told me I should not meet with Hal Mayer without
meeting with them also. So I set a date in February. Then Standish phoned
and said that staff members wanted to meet with me if I was going to meet
with the leadership.  Prior to that time Mayer had launched a campaign with
staff and some board members while the leadership had been placed on a "gag
order" inhibiting them from explaining the truth.

5.      The day before arriving at Hartland, I phoned Standish. I was told
that there were no staff members ready to meet but he would ask Richard
Reichard to find some. That morning I was consumed meeting with the
leadership. Then the afternoon was consumed by a group of eleven staff
members who did not know why they were there. I just got blank faces.
Several kept asking me why are we here anyway? I kept reminding them I was
told that they had requested to meet with me. It seemed somebody had
orchestrated something. I did not meet with Hal Mayer until 6:00 pm and I
had to drive back that evening for meetings in New York. Standish and
Reichard sat in the pastoral visit with Hal Mayer. How can a minister talk
intimately with a person about his sins in a redemptive life changing way
with an audience? The whole day was a waste. Only eternity will reveal if
Hal's life might have been turned around. I prayed on the way home that the
Holy Spirit might give Hal another chance so we could see him in eternity.

6.      The next two months were a tug-a-war with the Hartland leadership
and Hal Mayer. Rumors floated that Hal Mayer was going to leave on his own
accord to run Keep the Faith Ministry. During that time Standish worked on
a long policy document for reconciliation among staff which kept being
introduced over and over at staff meetings, leadership meetings and later
the board.

7.      During the April 2004 Board Meeting debate ensued over the
probation. Rather than working as a redemptive team in Christian love led
by the Holy Spirit, the meeting was a tug-a-war with certain closed minds
who only wanted to be lawyers to help Hal Mayer in self-justifying his
behavior! On the second day I had to deliver a worship in which I painfully
told the committee that I was surprised that Hartland of all places would
resort to preaching the "New Theology" of cheap grace in order to get Mayer
off the hook - forgiveness without repentance or consequences.
Interestingly a staff member sent me an article in Hartland Ministry Report
titled The Harvest of New Theology which is ironic considering that
Hartland is also reaping a harvest of "sin and live" theology. The Board
voted to allow the probation to continue until October.

8.      A few days after the board meeting Hal Mayer announced his taking
over ownership of the Keep the Faith Ministry. It seems odd that he
withheld this fact until after the board meeting. Hal Mayer's conflict with
the leadership of Hartland accelerated as a contract for Hal's relationship
with Hartland in light of his ownership of the Keep the Faith Ministry was
being decided. Such a thing was alien to the policy as applied to previous
staff members. Finally the leadership decided in the name of peace and
reconciliation to forgive Mayer for past abuses and drop every proposed
contractual arrangement with Mayer except one. The proposed contract
specified was that Harland would reimburse him for any "travel as needed"
for any work for the Institution. Some board members became upset with the
leadership for such a forensic justification of Hal Mayer's behavior that
was a further demonstration of "sin and live" New Theology. How could they
make a retraction of a vote of a board in October 2005 which was believed
to have been guided by the Holy Spirit? The same question would haunt the
board when they would deliberate on the issue in July.

9.      Travel allowance must have been the main issue. Because the next
few months resulted in a major insurrection. During previous months, I had
received numerous letters, e-mails and phone calls from former staff, board
members including two former board chairman describing Mayer's abuses in
the past. One said that he had told Dr. Standish that "Hal will eventually
destroy Hartland." It seems that numerous professional and competent people
including doctors have left disgusted over the years because of one man's
ego. Some people have asked why Hartland in twenty-two years has no class
rooms, poor teaching materials, an inadequate library or decent facilities
for the college, etc. Other people have asked "Is 'the travel club' the
real priority at Hartland?"

10.     While Standish was on a speaking tour of Africa, Hal Mayer, as was
his custom when the president is out of town, launched an attack on the
leadership. A sixteen page unsigned document was sent to the board
directors demanding a special board meeting and implying that an impending
special called membership meeting would throw those out who did not bow to
the rebel forces. The long letter was full of trumpet up half truths, no
truths, calculated innuendos, acrimony and vindictiveness on the part of
Hal toward those who would dare to do their jobs in reprimanding HIM or
failing to succumb to his attempted micro-management of their work. I have
never seen such a political campaign in the church, especially in an
institution that professes to believe in righteousness by faith - the
greatest display of the "leaning on the arm of flesh" by professed
Christians in my life!

11.     People from around the world sent messages of support and prayer to
Hartland's leadership in concern for the attempted hostile take over of
Hartland. Many around the world think that Standish's announcement of
possible retirement and the need to look for a successor coupled with the
formation of a search committee led Mayer to desperation. They reasoned
that since Standish was seen as an Eli in his relationship with Hal, a new
president would hold Hal more accountable. Another former board chairman
told me that Standish may be deeply grieved to learn in the Millennium that
his permissiveness cost Hal Mayer his eternal life.

12.     It is ironic that a student of Reformation history and religious
liberty would use the very tactics that were used by the papists in
persecution, undermining and against the faithful at Hartland. In the Great
Controversy such "leaning on the arm of flesh" is opposite of righteousness
by faith. Reports were made of a sermon delivered by Hal Mayer in churches
titled "Why Good People Remain Silent" on methods which some use against
God's people. The methods outlined in effect became his own Mein Kampf as
experienced by the faithful at Hartland. Standish wrote in his book on
church organization that "an intimate relationship exists between
righteousness by faith, religious liberty and church organization." Just as
I experienced in the world, I was experiencing the same shocking abuse of
power, manipulation of people, cronyism, racketeering, and self-serving
attitudes and Little Horn demeanor in a professed institution of revival
and reformation. Even some board members, blind or otherwise, were allowing
it to happen.

13.     With Standish unavailable and Hartland under attack, we consulted
some of the friends of Hartland at Hope International. Ron Spear pleaded
with Standish over the next four months to take a stand. Neutrality in a
crisis is despised by God. Neutrality often becomes an ally to the forces
of evil.

14.     Anyone on campus who had been reprimanded or reproved for the least
little thing by a Hartland Department Director was told that they were
being victimized. They were told they needed to band together in order to
save their jobs. Innocent Christians who only came to Hartland to serve the
Lord in these last days were mesmerized or coerced into joining with the
mobsters in an unholy coalition called "Concerned Constituency Members."
They were invited to secret rallies in off campus locations to plot
strategies to "save Hal and themselves" from the "mean Hartland
leadership." Who was victimizing or using who? Loyal staff members reported
frequently observing Hal, Bruno and Reichard visiting one another's homes
late into the evening. A triumvirate was quickly formed - Hal Mayer, Mark
Bruno and Richard Reichard. Like all such associations, it will be
interesting to observe how long it will be before Hal Mayer double crosses
the other two. I am fearful that when they have enough power and influence,
they may attempt to oust Standish. Such is the experience of these
coalitions in history.

15.     Two H.Bear letters were received by people around the world.
(EXHIBITS A & B) Probably only the millennium will reveal who he is. But
his identity is immaterial. The questions he raised were on all of our

16.     I requested a complete chronological report from the leadership,
the Hartland leadership, on the Mayer incident from beginning to present
including actions and responses with full documentation to present to the
board for deliberation among other things (see EXHIBIT C). But at least two
people who promised that they would assist in this compilation for the
board took vacations just prior to the July meeting and did nothing! I went
to the board meeting to save Hartland feeling naked. I prayed that God
would either work a miracle or allow Hartland to reap its own consequences
of neglect during a time of crisis.

17.     About twenty people non-board members (identified as CCM's) were in
the board room when I arrived. I remember a board member asking me if this
was a labor negotiation meeting. Late that night I went to bed in prayer
grieving for the possible loss of Hartland. The next morning I was awaken
early with the deep impression that I should call the loyal members of the
board together for prayer and encouragement before the board meeting. God
blessed in that meeting. Because when Reichard obviously prompted by the
syndicate was ready to jump after the devotion to make a motion. I
recognized a loyal board member who called executive session and we cleared
out the labor union. But the devil nevertheless took control as the board
compromised with the rebels. We thought it would avoid a nasty membership
meeting but all we did was demonstrate our cowardliness. As chairman I
failed to protect the institution in the name of compromise. The same God
who delivered the three Hebrews in the furnace would have been with us in
the membership meeting. Just as Moses stood before Pharaoh, we could have
stood before that bully, Mark Bruno, with the backup of the All Mighty God.

18.     Dr. Vernon Sparks, an icon in the present truth movement who was
serving as interim Wellness Center Medical Director, left in discouragement
and wrote two letters observing the apostasy that was taking place at
Hartland. (EXHIBITS D & E)

19.     The October 2004 membership meeting was a disgrace in the eyes of
our holy and righteous God. The "labor union, vigilante or mafia" forces
stormed the meeting. Either Bruno or Mayer would make a motion and after
one or two spoke, Reichard called "Previous Question." One, two, three-
railroad! The beginning devotion was designed to melt hearts but only the
loyal and faithful melted. The CCM leaders heard nothing and with "vain
imaginations, and their foolish hearts darkened" (Romans 1:21) jumped to
their feet immediately upon the close of the prayer. One member was
unseated and another was almost taken out of membership in a rudely and
very un-Christlike treatment by the fanatic contingent reminiscent of the
treatment of our Lord by the angry mob. In the last few minutes even Betsy
Mayer objected to a motion from the steam roller machinery of the CCM's.
Standish told me at the end of the meeting, "Hal has gone too far." As I
drove home, I heard the word "Ichabod" in my ears.

20.      Some financial experts looking at the records thought that certain
indictable offences could have been brought for financial indiscretions
such as those reported to the board in the Dana memos several years ago.
The 501(c) 3 might be in jeopardy. They wondered if such was either
circumstantial or subsequently ratified by the leadership.

21.     Upon returning from the meeting a psychiatrist sent me a copy of
the profile of a cult leader and/or sociopath. A copy is attached. (EXHIBIT
F). Over the last twelve years I have had to deal with conflicts in
numerous churches as a conference administrator. Antagonists in the church
are either psychologically imbalanced or demon possessed. It does not take
a rocket scientist to discern that there is something radically wrong with
Hal Mayer. In these last days we are dealing with more and more of these
kinds of people. It's sad but this is also a sign of the nearness to the
close of probation when all will be on one side or the other. Those against
God's people will be stubborn, insistent and unreachable.

22.     For the April 2005 convocation, a special membership meeting was
called to revise the constitution making it virtually impossible to depose
those who usurped the Hartland leadership. A loyal staff member of
seventeen years was treated rudely in the same way as the two in October
2004 by the insurgency at the previous meeting. By the way Frances Lundberg
had resigned prior to that and was seeking to reenter the membership.
(EXHIBITS G). A reign of terror is continuing to accelerate on campus.
Absolute power corrupts absolutely. I suppose that the October 2003
membership meeting, with a stacked nominating committee, the board will be
nearly 100% held by the cult.

23.     A few weeks later I received e-mails from all over mocking a
dialogue on the Great web site where Hal Mayer was telling
people that we should not have politics in the church. What a bi-polar
hypocrite! Even some Hartland staff told me last summer that they were
amazed to hear Standish complain about the maneuvering in the Jon Paulsen
reelection for the same reason. The other day a former donor sent a fax of
an article titled "Fighting the Battles of the Lord with Meekness" by Hal
Mayer with the comment, "What a hypocrite!"

24.     Over the last year, the faithful have left one by one recognizing
that their experience had enabled them to become more prepared for the
final and soon crisis in the time of trouble. But what a lesson to
experience it from within. When God uses a people, a church or an
institution to do His good will, Satan will use the most self serving
persons to bring down God's purposes to defeat. This has been experienced
throughout the history of the Great Controversy. May God have mercy on the
souls of such people!

It is obvious from the events in the world with wars, killer weather worse
than anytime in history in rapid succession, accidents on rail (three major
ones two weeks ago!) and at sea that the coming of the Lord is far sooner
than anyone would believe. Many of our churches and conferences have been
hijacked by maniacs who use the most ridiculous arguments to justify their
behavior. And they get away with it! They consistently take advantage of
our Christian character, mercy and kindness to run havoc over the work.
Even at Hartland!

When I was in the corporate world an Executive Vice-President tried to take over a company. The Board of Directors was called and met briefly. Then the Chairman with the Treasurer and President went to the VP's office. They told him he was fired. The Treasurer handed him his severance pay and the President gave him two hours to clean out his desk while the security officers watched and escorted him out of the building and watched him drive off the property. So why do we, the Church, allow the same kind of people to devastate the Lord's work on the eve of the Close of Probation? Even at Hartland!

"The remnant people of God must be a converted people. The presentation of
this message is to result in the conversion and sanctification of souls. We
are to feel the power of the Spirit of God in this movement. This is a
wonderful, definite message; it means everything to the receiver, and it is
to be proclaimed with a loud cry. We must have a true, abiding faith that
this message will go forth with increasing importance till the close of
time."  - Review and Herald, February 24, 1910

Gailon Arthur Joy

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Re: Gailon Arthur Joy Responds to Hal Mayer
« Reply #2 on: August 04, 2008, 09:57:18 PM »

Here is the Ron Spear Letter for your consumption:

Ron Spear
3249-B Old Baldy Mountain Road
Rice, WA  99167
(Fax)  509 722-4138

November 20, 2005

Colin Standish, President of Hartland Institute

Dear Colin,

At your request, I put in two calls to {the former Chairman of the Hartland Board and the writer of an anthology of recent events at Hartland – edited}. He answered me on my cell phone while I was in Spokane. We talked for nearly an hour, about his letter. He asked me to inform you that he did not send that letter to any leaders, just the constituency and the Board members. He sent a copy to me, but I cannot read it. He informed me that he gave careful and prayerful thought to his letter. He knew that distributing it to the constituency and Board members would eventually reach the leadership of the church, and he knew it would deny him any opportunity to be considered for {for church leadership - edited}, as it identified him as the Chairman of the Hartland Board. But he wrote that letter on the basis that he was not considering himself, but hoping that he could awaken you to responsibility of dealing with the Hal problem. He stated to me that he is not accusing you of preaching forensic justification or New Theology, but making the point that you are handling Hal Mayer's problem like a person who is in New Theology and believes in forensic justification, as if there are no repercussions for evils committed.

You stated to me in our last phone conversation that I did not know how you have dealt with the Hal Mayer problem. For 20 years, Hal has been in insubordination to the Hartland Board's demands. You have told me that you have chastised him verbally many times for his insubordination, but Hal is still there, and he has his own ministry, and four hundred, fifty thousand dollars was given to him by Elder Lawrence Nelson for his ministry. This is a conflict of interest. It is my evaluation that Hal Mayer needs to resign all positions, and just do his own ministry. If he loves the ministry of Hartland, he will do this. It is my belief and others that this would stop the H. Bear letters, and I believe would be a sufficient evidence to regain supporters that are now questioning.

I am writing this to you because I love you Colin. We preached together all over this world, and I remember the times you helped with problems that I had in my own ministry. Hartland and Hope have stood together against the apostasy and insubordination of our church's leaders. Colin, you have to remember that this whole crisis is over Hal Mayer.  May God continue to bless you as you serve Him is my prayer and the prayers of all your friends at Hope International.

Sincerely your friend in Christ,
Pastor Ron Spear,
Executive Editor Our Firm Foundation Hope International

Gailon Arthur Joy

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Re: Gailon Arthur Joy Responds to Hal Mayer
« Reply #3 on: August 04, 2008, 10:03:12 PM »

And how many are guilty of bearing false witness against Hal Mayer? Maybe, Hal Mayer needs to do some introspection and here is a letter from a rather significant group of Hartland Donors.

Editors Note: We have received an open letter from a group that seems
to be forming for the purpose of perpetuating concerns that Hartland’s
former Donors and former staffers have regarding the direction of the
Institute and the management malfeasance that has become a Revolving
Door of staff and directorate.

It has become abundantly clear that Hartland will be well served by the
removal of the Hal Mayer political machine from the Institute, even as
Hal has once again managed to reconstitute himself into the heir apparent
with positions on the board, Adcom, and continues as Stewardship Director
at Hartland while simultaneously running and fund-raising for his own
Keep The Faith tape and cd project.
It is safe to assume that in time the Adcom and Board will again have to deal
with the Hal Mayer issues that have reared themselves so consistently in the
past as they struggle with a lack of over-sight,  malfeasance, conflicts and
diminishing donor lists.

But then, maybe this reality will force them to re-look at the blueprint and
indeed become a self supporting Institute; This would become a clear step
in the right direction, something that Hal Mayer’s machine is unlikely to survive.

May the Lord’s Will be done as we share their concerns with you…

G. Arthur Joy
Atlantic Union Reporter


July 24, 2006


Dr. Colin Standish and the Hartland Board

Brothers and Sisters:

We donors and former donors have bond together in mutual concern for the
future of Hartland. He have asked a friend to send this to you through
channels unknown to us in the hope that everyone would join us in our
prayerful concern.

For twenty-three years there has been a growing concern over the growing
corruption and apostasy at Hartland. It has reached its peak in recent
years with a group who has formed a confederation or labor union, forced
many of the leaders to bow to the wishes of a cult leader whom you have
permitted to rampantly harass staff members who are true to the Lord in
character and deeds.

The recent constituency reports are a disgrace!

The President's report begins with the tragic death of a young man. Why
play on emotions? Why were the plans to put speed bumps always delayed?
Why are kids still driving recklessly around the campus. Why was a reckless
driver defended two years ago in a court of law by one of the staff union leaders
for the wanton killing of people on the highway near Hartland. Are there no
consequences for sin? What is the real principle for redemption? (PP

You say that the staff is putting aside earlier divisions. Is not the real
truth that divisions do not seem to exist because the cult leader, HM, and
his lieutenant, the labor boss, ran everyone off who disagreed with him.
Over the years the most capable people were ran off because they dared to
question the great HM. Good Christian people serve naively until their eyes
are open and they need to dust off their sandals and leave from a most
diabolical atmosphere.  Only people who are bribed with position, travel
budgets, lap tops and other perks are staying.

Does the college really press forward? Why are their not classrooms, a good
library, pull down maps or dormitories after so many years? Is it because
of priorities such as travel budgets and the continuous diverting of funds
to HM "special projects?" Is that why ADCOM members all left a few years
ago? Is it because they were too serious about the mission of Hartland? Is
it because they would not bow to the personal whims of the spoiled boy from
Blue Mountain Academy?

Why is it that the lifestyle center was not been able to attract doctors,
nurses, and other trained workers? Why were more than two hundred doctors
interviewed and none wanted to come to Hartland? Why? Why have you Dr.
Standish never written a book on the health message? Why is it that your
personal life is not reflective of that lifestyle. Sister
White says we should be a spectacle to the world. Is the lifestyle center
just window dressing? Why are so many needs sacrificed while you and HM
travel rampantly throughout the world with no accountability?

Why does Hartland publication republish The Sepulchers are Whited when it
is the result of leaks from the church in one small part of the world years
ago? So why is there a concern about leaks at Hartland? And why do you
allow the biggest Whited Sepulchers to continue haunting at Hartland and
impeding God's work there? How can you expect us to continue to give? Don't
you think that we are not going to stop telling our friends around the
world about our concerns of the scandalous activity there. Is it not a
stench in the nostrils of a Holy God?

Is the real reason that Bruno was appointed to the Media Services so that
he can support HM on ADCOM and the Board? Why is it that when the
constituency would not let you do something, you slip it in behind the
scenes? Does he have a conflict of interest selling hardware on the side?
How much will he sell to Media Services. Maybe it will be like Mayer
selling high mark up rare books to Hartland? If he can bribe people with
lap tops and obtain bogus tax receipts what will he do at Media Services.
Remember Barry Champion!

Isn't that funny? Stewardship is assessing its mailing list. How is it that
so many donors have ended up on Keep the Faith mailing list? Why do
you allow the keeper of the donor lists to start his own ministry and pirate
Hartland's secret lists for personal gain? i.e. The infamous SUV (which he
parks at the airport and runs up parking fees while on private trips)! That is
worse than all of his unexplained travel budgets. Were they all bookings or
were they something else. Our wives might be rightfully suspicious if we had
so many unexplained trips.

World Mission never seems to have money. It seems that other important
things matter.

Human resources is a joke. There is no accountability! Why was Last
Generation Magazine advertised in a Keep the Faith mailing recently. Do
they plan to hijack that too? The farm is no where close to the blueprint
for self supporting work. In fact Hartland is NOT self supporting. You
count on dumb people like us to fund projects that never happen. We see
that your funds are dropping but no one has cut down on the travel budgets
including all of those unexplained trips by HM.

We are praying that you will have the courage to do what you all know in
your hearts you need to do but have neglected to do to save Hartland from
utter destruction.

Concerned Donors, Former Donors and Former Donors to Be


Gailon Arthur Joy

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Re: Gailon Arthur Joy Responds to Hal Mayer
« Reply #4 on: August 04, 2008, 10:09:05 PM »

This is a letter from a "deposed" director that dared to deal with the issues at Hartland Institute and gave a report that was part of the foundation for the previous Chairman's letter and I shall not bore you with more: 

January 11, 2006
Thanks for the letter expressing a desire to know who H. Bear is. I do not know who H. Bear is, and no one has ever told me who H. Bear is. To be honest, I don't think it really matters who H. Bear is. I think a lot of effort and expense has been wasted trying to figure out who H. Bear is, that could have been used to a far better purpose. I would like to share some thoughts about the situation addressed in this letter. It is distressing, to say the least, that such a letter would come out at this point. It demonstrates to me that a perception somehow exists to some degree on the part of some at Hartland, that if somehow H. Bear can be identified and refuted, then many of the problems will be solved at Hartland. There is so much involved in these developments that it almost seems ludicrous (please forgive me if this sounds harsh, I certainly don't mean it that way) to send out such a letter as this. I would like to point out several things.
#1. The letter speaks of allegations against Hartland, its leaders, and workers; and about "controversy perpetuated against us." It speaks of efforts to "defame and discredit" a few individuals at Hartland. May I ask: What allegations? And which leaders and workers? And what part of Hartland? I was on the board for approximately 8 years. I heard quite a number of allegations involving leaders and workers at Hartland. I saw people who I considered as part of Hartland, as leaders at Hartland, and workers at Hartland, who were the subjects of allegations, accusations, opposition, and had controversy perpetuated against them by other leaders, and workers of Hartland. There are quite a number of communications that were spread around by Brothers Mayer, Bruno, & Reichard, along with the CCM people in an effort to get back at, to "discredit and defame" some of those who were part of Hartland, and even get rid of some of the leaders, workers, and members of Hartland. Many, many efforts were made to address problems with certain leaders and workers at Hartland, who others of us who were leaders and workers at Hartland felt were seriously out of harmony with true Christian principles, or with the plans for the operation of the Lord's institutions for education. Numerous efforts were made to deal with these issues, but were often blocked, derailed, and misrepresented by other leaders and workers at Hartland. I truly believe that the problem is not, as stated in the editorial of Dr. Standish in the last Hartland Ministry report, and reflected again in this letter, a problem of H. Bear, and a group of former Hartland workers who have separated and are spreading bitter recriminations and slanders about Hartland.
Somehow, the real root of the problems you are trying to address has been totally missed in this letter. There are several at Hartland who operate in a manner so as to be a ruling aristocracy. The problems have developed primarily because of an effort to deal with Hal Mayer being a law unto himself, and because of Dr. Standish backing him up in this, and trying to protect him. As long as you fail to recognize this you will always have a cycle of controversy which can only be dealt with (from their standpoint) by dismissing, or by getting people to leave who don't fit with this model of operation. Even if you could remove from the scene all the H. Bears, and all the "bitter" "separated" people, and start with a whole group of fresh people with no knowledge of past controversy, I believe that I could safely predict that within 3-4 years you would have the same controversy that has come up through the past in 3 to 4 year cycles about the methods of control and manipulation that have existed through the past. This is what has happened through the past 20 years or so.
#2. It really doesn't matter who H. Bear is. The question to be discussed is: what has he stated that is an issue needing to be addressed and resolved? It seems evident that H. Bear is trying to remain anonymous, and is using this name as a pseudonym.  It appears to me that H. Bear probably has some speculation or misinformation, but he also has some facts which are correct, but which some Hartland leaders wished to deny.  You can do one of two things regarding the things that fit in the first category. You can either publish a refutation specifically enumerating the documented facts that show a correct statement of things addressed; or you can ignore it as not being relevant, and leave the consequences in the Lord's hands. The editorial by Dr. Standish in the Hartland Ministry report stated that this was the approach that was going to be followed, but then, quite to the contrary, proceeded to assail the former Hartland workers who had become "bitter" and were "condemning" Hartland. If the current Board and Administration of Hartland would address the issues raised by H. Bear (and others formerly and presently a part of Hartland) which are being currently sidestepped, far, far more would be accomplished in rebutting H. Bear letters. I would propose that the current approach, as represented by this letter, will feed the fire more, rather than diminish it. It only reconfirms (as has happened so many times before) that some "powers that be" at Hartland will always succeed in redirecting attention away from the real underlying problems, and attempt to focus blame for the trouble on those who are just as much "a part of the Lord's work at Hartland" and have been the objects of "bitter" and unkind "allegations" and "accusations," have been objects of efforts to "discredit and defame," and who do in fact love Hartland and desire to see the work of the Lord prosper there. They may not have the perception that the "work of the Lord" at Hartland is only that which fits with the ideas and ambitions of several controlling individuals who know best how to work things behind the scenes to accomplish their ends.
#3. Many statements could be (and have been) quoted to address the wrongs and problems that somehow keep getting evaded. It is not at all convincing, but rather seems hypocritical to quote statements such as this in an effort to portray as being against "the work of God at Hartland" those who are being viewed as troublemakers because they try to address and correct problems that have existed for decades at Hartland. The statement from 3SM 348 certainly should be applied to the work of the CCM and its leaders through the past 2 years. If it had been carefully heeded, the outcome would be quite different, I believe. It seems rather interesting that a blanket application of this statement is made to arraign H. Bear (which it must be known is highly improbable), and yet when I offered to address the CCM and the staff and workers at Hartland to answer for the accusations stated in the letter they sent out, there was no interest in my offer. It is rather incongruous that a great interest is shown in inviting H. Bear to come and discuss allegations and concerns when it is highly improbable that such discussion will ever take place, and yet many others who have been willing and ready to come to such a meeting have not been given the opportunity. I know that others also have been prepared to present evidence, but numerous efforts were vigorously made to prevent such investigation and testimony being given. If you question this, just check (for example) on the way in the past several constituency meetings, certain individuals would loudly call question on discussion in an attempt to prevent such inquiry and testimony. Keep in mind that truth doesn't need to cover up its tracks and try to hide. Need I even mention that it was a reliance on mob spirit and quick reaction from mob leaders that got Jesus crucified?
I do love Hartland, and have many cherished friends and people with "kindred spirit" there. If I was against Hartland, I wouldn't take the time to write this response. But I have a greater interest in seeing the work at Hartland reach the potential which is envisioned in the counsels and instructions of the Spirit of Prophecy for true education. I long ago accepted the label of "troublemaker" because I determined to make an honest attempt to identify problems and propose solutions, rather than assume whatever position might be esteemed "politically correct" by some others in control. It is not my intent to be critical or condemning. I would not write this letter to the staff except that I received the staff letter asking for my involvement. I feel that I should give my honest assessment and help to clarify the picture, especially for those who have not been aware of many of the behind-the-scenes developments for the past years.
I really do believe that the more the effort focuses on the direction demonstrated by this letter, the more Hartland will fail to ever identify and remedy the real underlying problems; the further Hartland will wander from ever fulfilling the potential it could have fulfilled; and the more it will unwittingly train people in the most refined and sophisticated forms of hypocrisy. I pray that something can happen that will change from such an outcome.
My prayers are with you.
Sincerely and respectfully,
Bob Jorgensen

Gailon Arthur Joy

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Re: Gailon Arthur Joy Responds to Hal Mayer
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Everlasting Gospel Network Resume' of Hal Mayer:

Speaker Details
Title: Hal Mayer
Display Name: Hal Mayer
Prefix: First Name: Hal Middle Name: Last Name: Mayer Suffix:
Bio: Pastor Hal Mayer has a wealth of experience in the Seventh-day Adventist message. He also has long experience in self-supporting work having been the prime mover and one of the founders of Hartland Institute, a Seventh-day Adventist self-supporting ministry in Virginia, USA. During his 23 years in connection with Hartland, he has been a church history professor, sought after speaker and an active writer. For more than 20 years, Pastor Mayer has been an active, inspiring and effective speaker for churches, youth groups, academic classrooms, music festivals and home school meetings around the world. Pastor Mayer has a love for history and religious liberty. A strong Religious liberty theme runs through his history classes, sermons and articles.



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Re: Gailon Arthur Joy Responds to Hal Mayer
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It seems a statement from Lawrence Nelson is appropriate. Did LN approach HM directly for HM to take over the ministry? Then did HM approach Hartland’s board and ask them if this takeover for HM could anyway be usurping a business opportunity for Hartland or is in any way a conflict of interest.  An approval by Harland’s Board at this level for HM to take over Keep The Faith would seem appropriate assuming HM would not be collecting or soliciting funds for Hartland.  This would be a requirement because some people may be confused to what ministry their funds were being given.  CASE CLOSED

OR did LN approach HM to donate KTF to Hartland while HM was working as the Stewardship Director of Hartland and subsequently HM decided for whatever reason or reasons to strong arm the situation and replace LN as KTF’s leader.  If this occurred then HM breached his duty to Hartland by a conflict of interest. He in good faith should step down from KTF and allow Hartland even at this date to take over KTF.   Again the board should have been contacted about all the potential conflict of interest scenarios and of Hartland not being able to take over a fat balance sheet usurping their business opportunity.  BOARD APPROVAL IS NEEDED.  If all parties acted in good faith under this scenario-unlikely because of the dollar value involved and why would Hartland not take advantage of a thriving economic opportunity- then HM should not be held in a light that he has wronged Hartland. I do not know if unanimous Board approval would be required because of the lack of facts known.

There are other scenarios but in any case Hartland’s board should have been informed fully and given their okay to HM taking over KTF.  If the board wasn’t fully informed, etc. and gave approval then perhaps a statement from Colin on why  not is deemed appropriate.  If I was a supporter of Hartland I would demand such a statement. The waters are very murky here and perhaps HM can step forward and make them crystal clear.



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Re: Gailon Arthur Joy Responds to Hal Mayer
« Reply #7 on: August 06, 2008, 01:52:05 PM »

Interesting reading. But doesn't this discussion belong in a different category other than 3ABN?


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Re: Gailon Arthur Joy Responds to Hal Mayer
« Reply #8 on: August 06, 2008, 02:38:13 PM »

I believe this is here in response to Sam's obvious attempt to discredit Gailon in another thread.

Interesting reading. But doesn't this discussion belong in a different category other than 3ABN?


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Re: Gailon Arthur Joy Responds to Hal Mayer
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I agree with Snoopy, that is why it belongs here.

Gailon Arthur Joy

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Re: Gailon Arthur Joy Responds to Hal Mayer
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Interesting reading. But doesn't this discussion belong in a different category other than 3ABN?

Unfortunately, in a well ordered world, it would seem a great idea to set up a seperate "concerns" category. But this was a response to a play by 3ABN defenders to roll out Hal Mayer as a paralell victim of my evil ways. I just felt that an abbreviated response was in order to give Hal all the notoriety he deserved.

This was a "small" selection of document collected for that ecclesiastical journalism process. Some get much juicier and others are rather dull segments and then there were the two bombshells referred to as the "H Bear" letters, a
spiritual DEEP THROAT of Hartland Institute that remains a mystery to this day despite incredible effort to turn its cover. In fact, the Hartland Officers expended substantial effort to uncover "H Bear" in a typical "committee" kind
of way, but still remains a mystery.

"H Bear"s last communication was followed by the C-4 explosion of the resigning Chairman's summation. To a large degree it mirrored the concerns expressed by outgoing Chairman Clark a decade before following the prior palace coupe.

My only regret is that I did not do a websight at the time!!!

In summary, if someone wants to open another Hartland Category, I have lots of contributions to those threads, and most of it came from those disgruntled employees that Danny complains of...did I say Danny? I Meant Hal!!!

The big difference between Hartland and 3ABN...the Board did address the issues and let the various parties address the committee, then voted, and it was far from unanimous!!!

Gailon Arthur Joy

Gailon Arthur Joy


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Re: Gailon Arthur Joy Responds to Hal Mayer
« Reply #11 on: August 06, 2008, 09:22:28 PM »

The big difference between Hartland and 3ABN...the Board did address the issues and let the various parties address the committee, then voted, and it was far from unanimous!!!

Gailon Arthur Joy

If there's a problem with the board at 3ABN, then why doesn't the 3ABN constituency or whoever selects the board do something about it?


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Re: Gailon Arthur Joy Responds to Hal Mayer
« Reply #12 on: August 06, 2008, 09:43:37 PM »

That would be Danny right?  I don't believe the donors are constituents that can vote, are they?.  Have things changed?  Who are 3ABN's constituents anyway; ASI?

Where are the ASI threads?  As far as I am concerned, there needs to be one!

Gailon Arthur Joy

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Re: Gailon Arthur Joy Responds to Hal Mayer
« Reply #13 on: August 07, 2008, 09:07:47 AM »

The big difference between Hartland and 3ABN...the Board did address the issues and let the various parties address the committee, then voted, and it was far from unanimous!!!

Gailon Arthur Joy

If there's a problem with the board at 3ABN, then why doesn't the 3ABN constituency or whoever selects the board do something about it?

And that is another big difference between Hartland and 3ABN:

Hartland has a constituency that meets and follows the church manul form of governance, although the constituency, because of the geo-politics, is largely composed of Hartland employees and therefore, a bit "pliable" by management.

3ABN's constituency is the 16 members of the board of directors, which up until last year, were all picked by Danny Lee Shelton. If you read my article on governance, you will see we have addressed the issue. It would seem that ASI would be a natural constituency, not the ASI Missions,Inc board.

And thus why our early efforts were directed at the intransigent board. ANd most importantly, until the board finally stepped to the plate last year, there was little or no real accountability!!!

Obviously, the vast majority of donors are unrepresented here: Donation without representation!!! And for many years, no accountability.

Gailon Arthur Joy
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Re: Gailon Arthur Joy Responds to Hal Mayer
« Reply #14 on: August 07, 2008, 10:16:41 AM »

And that is another big difference between Hartland and 3ABN:

Hartland has a constituency that meets and follows the church manul form of governance, although the constituency, because of the geo-politics, is largely composed of Hartland employees and therefore, a bit "pliable" by management.

3ABN's constituency is the 16 members of the board of directors, which up until last year, were all picked by Danny Lee Shelton. If you read my article on governance, you will see we have addressed the issue. It would seem that ASI would be a natural constituency, not the ASI Missions,Inc board.

And thus why our early efforts were directed at the intransigent board. ANd most importantly, until the board finally stepped to the plate last year, there was little or no real accountability!!!

Obviously, the vast majority of donors are unrepresented here: Donation without representation!!! And for many years, no accountability.

Gailon Arthur Joy

I've heard that in the past (and maybe even today?) anyone could request a copy of Hartland's yearly audit and they would sent it to you. Is this the same for 3ABN?

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