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Author Topic: Gratitude  (Read 3980 times)

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« on: January 30, 2011, 01:26:44 PM »

Subject: I still believe you and in you - God Bless You
From: kb <ยด- -@- - .NET>
Date: Wed, - - - 5:50 pm

Dear Linda,

I still miss you greatly. I no longer have 3ABN - haven't had it for
a long time, but I remember you and keep you in my heart. I remember
watching you and being so inspired. God's Spirit just glowed out from
you when you spoke and sang and especially when you prayed.

My thought is that Danny did that to you because he wanted to be with
Brandy. He was sly. If the lie is big enough people believe it - but
not all people. I believe you are innocent. I've watched 3ABN on a
few occasions after you were gone and all I could think of was how
puffed up with himself Danny appeared. It seemed to be all about him
and not really about God.

I've been a 7th Day Adventist since 2001. Now that I know the truth
in God's word there is no turning back for me. Oh, how I wish that
I'd been brought up Adventist but I do believe that the Adventist
message was stamped in my heart even before I knew. I was Lutheran,
never believed in Lent and always felt in my heart that we rested in
our graves until the wonderful day of Christ's second coming not that
we went to heaven or hell right away. Somewhere along the line that
false teaching came into the church and into my life. I did have a
strong belief in things that were not right like astrology, ghostly
visits and actually had weird experiences with things like that. Oh,
thank you God, for bringing me out of that and realizing that evil
angels pose as spirits to make us believe that there is life after
death. I'm not the best Christian in the world but I believe in God
and how awesome he is and that he gave his Son's life to ransom us
all. I've been going through some serious trials for the past few
years, different than yours but they hurt also. I will not let it
destroy my faith and you have inspired me with the way you've gone
through your trials. Not sure why I decided to write to you tonight
but I was thinking of you so just decided to send you a note.

Love to you, Linda.

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