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Doug Bachelor Preaches Against Women Pastors & Elders

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Pastor Doug Bachelor preached against women as pastors or elders. He took the stand that they are to be subservient to men. The world church has voted in session several times against ordaining women to ministry. There are a number of women who have been ordained and work as SDA pastors in a few areas (in defiance of the GC) and women function as elders in many parts of the world.

DB is right on, glad he did ..a woman's greatest work and help is in other areas. I do not consider woman or their talk that like wearing the pants of the pulpit. Most women give up their best talents to the home, children and security of well being of family to this big notion. They have given up greater talents to enter into masculine duties. EGW was a teacher, a "chosen" messanger and complier of the "Holy Spirit". She was willing to use her talents as "instructed". I never considered her a preacher. She was used to write.

EGW was ordained as a pastor in 1886 by the GC. She accepted the ordination and all of its subsequent renewals over the years.

She makes comment on that

Her acceptance of the ordination would seem to imply that she approved of the ordination of women as pastors, wouldn't it?


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