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Author Topic: Southeastern California Conference Elects Female Conference President  (Read 10066 times)

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Gailon Arthur Joy

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Re: Southeastern California Conference Elects Female Conference President
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2017, 06:39:26 PM »

Southeastern California Conference is clearly in outright rebellion against the General Conference in, what should happen???

Since the Pacidfic Uniopn appears to also be in would be up to the General Confernece Fall Counsel to turn the entire Pacific Union back to a Mission Territory and disband the Union Conference AND the Southeastern Conference.

Of we ever intend to openly confront this issue. the LEADESHIP needs to deal decisively with this outright rebellion. IF WE HAVE TO LOSE MEMBERSHIP. SO BE IT!!! Shoulod nnot even be a consideration. Rebellion must be quashed as was done with the Israeli's in the desert..there, the Lord opened the vaty earth to eliminate this open rebellion of Korah, et al!!! Why should we allow this rebellion while a weak General Confernce President shows no backbaone to r=deal with open rebellion!!! Does he really want to put his own salvation at risk for the failure to follow the clear and open message from the Godhead??? Does he really want to risk being on the wrong side of the wall at the end of the millenium???

It is time for decisive and bold action to meet this rebellion "HEAD ON"!!! Gailoon Arthur Joy, NAD Reporting

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