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Author Topic: Man's first use of all CAPS "MOTHER OF HARLOTS"  (Read 5500 times)

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Man's first use of all CAPS "MOTHER OF HARLOTS"
« on: January 18, 2020, 10:31:32 AM »

I was pondering the importance of Revelation 17, and how Mrs White said that chapter is about the "destruction of all the churches who devote themselves to idolatrous service to the Papacy" and why this message seems to be completely neglected by every single SDA pastor, and it dawned on me, that since the Bible is the oldest surviving document in earth's history, then Revelation 17:5, the prophecy of the Papacy becoming sealed with the title "MOTHER OF HARLOTS" is the first use of all CAPS in human history. How important would those words then have to be if God inspired John to write them larger than all the rest of Revelation?

John is trying to convey how important that event is to human history. The first Protestant church, the Lutherans, making concessions to the Papacy was of such import to God that He had John put that message in all CAPS to get our attention, yet I have yet to hear even ONE Seventh-Day Adventist Pastor mention this. That event was held in New York City on the anniversary of the start of the Protestant Reformation, Oct 31, 1999. It occurred in the time of the sixth Papal king after the healing of the deadly wound, John Paul II, exactly as Revelation 17:10 predicted. JPII was the one who "is" alive when the Papacy was sealed with the title "MOTHER OF HARLOTS" the day she lured the Lutherans to give up their part of the reformation. The Lutheran church was sealed with the title "DAUGHTER".

The seventh king, Benedict XVI retired; the first uncontested pope in history to do so, so the seventh pope in the concession "must remain a little while" after his reign, also precisely as prophesied.

Now the eighth Papal king since they regained their throne within the city of seven hills (Rev 17:9) is the first Jesuit to hold that office. The Jesuits were expelled from Rome after the head wound, when the pope went out of the city of seven hills, across the Tiber river to the Vatican Swamp, and they were also restored in the time of the sixth king John Paul II, but since the pope today IS a Jesuit they have regained "the beast that was" status in less than a generation after they were restored.

The Jesuits have a motto, to be 'Peridne ac Cadaver', meaning 'like a corpse'. In Matthew 24 Jesus was asked what the sign of the end would be and He said "where the CORPSE is, there the eagle will gather". This pope is the first to speak from US Congress, so the eagles have gathered.

Bob Pickle

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Re: Man's first use of all CAPS "MOTHER OF HARLOTS"
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2020, 01:15:24 AM »

Hi JPT. Interesting thoughts.

1) The original Greek text did not contain both capitals and lowercase letters. What became lowercase letters started being used in books from the mid-800's onward.

2) The wound of 1798 wasn't healed in 1929, since the papacy hasn't yet regained its lost supremacy. What she regained was a little bit of sovereign territory, and that is very, very important, since today there is no higher authority on earth above the pope. He doesn't have to obey the laws of any other king or legislature, because he has his own country again. But that's healing a "wound" most recently inflicted in 1870 rather than 1798.

3) Gabriel told John in Rev. 17 that 5 kings were fallen in John's day. Thus, there is no possible way that John Paul II could be the 6th king. If you doubt this, then explain Rev. 11 as to when the 2 witnesses "shall prophesy." Why is future tense used in Rev. 11 to refer to that, if Gabriel and Jesus were not talking to John in the time context of his own day?

4) I think there has been another pope that retired who was not one of several popes, if that's what you mean by "contested."
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